About Us

Who we are:

Ferrovias Del Bajio S.A. De C.V. its the only Mexican company that provide all rail related solutions:

• Design and fabrication of rail equipment
• Rebuild and overhaul of locomotives, rail cars, engines and components
• Maintenance of rail equipment
• Sale of all kind of rail equipment and parts (locomotives, DMUs, light rail, subway units, passenger and cargo cars, MOW machinery, track material, etc.)
• Lease
• Operation
• Logistics
• Tourism

Past and Present

Ferrovias Del Bajio S.A de C.V was Mexico’s first EMD, GE and Alco, equipment private rebuilding and service facility with presence in 43 countries in the 5 continents. Established 43 years ago, our origins in the Mexican rail industry date back to 1916, we are a third generation rail family. During that period the company has been involved in the maintenance of diesel and electric engines in: railways, power generation, oil extraction, marine engines, mining and steel industries amongst others. Our personnel has a combined experience of over 200 years and is trained in house and recruited from the state own railway system, having several retired senior mechanics, designers and advisors working together with young technicians trained constantly so that we can meets the new standards of the ever changing environment in the industry.

1917 Frontera Coahuila steam locomotive shop Master mechanic Rafael De Fuente, 3rd standing from right to left

1945 Gomez Palacios Durango locomotive shop National motive power director Rafael De Fuente, 3rd standing from left to right


of interest

Our main commercial activities are buying, selling, fabrication, distribution, import, export, rebuilding and repair of all kind of Railway traction and trailer equipment, Mass transportation, Marine, Mining, Industrial, Power generation and Oil extraction diesel engines and equipment, Electric motors and equipment. Chrome shop services and special industrial services.