Custom made DMUs for Cambodia for airport shuttle to downtown (26 km each way), Train to Sihanoukville (279 km each way) and to Poi Pet Thailand border (690 km each way) powered by twin Cummins 400 to H.P. QSM11 electronic engines, Microprocessor control system, ABB High Voltage equipment, DC traction, gauge 1000 mm, 12x21” Tv, 1 WC, 54 passenger capacity + 1 wheelchair project operating 15 hours per day, 7 day s per week since December 2018

Tech Specs DMU DC traction

Model: FVBDEMU375
Fabrication: México/USA
Estructure: ASTM A36 steel
Diesel engines: Cummins QSM11 TIER3
Main gen: Stanford 480 VAC 3 phases + 3 GE Rectifiers
Power: 2 x 400 H.P.s, for traction 2 x 375 H.P.
Traction system: FVB /EMD/ABB
Traction motors: GE 761 (2 units, 1 per truck)
Boguies: FVB 1000 mm
Brake system: 26L “mini”+ Knorr electronic
Control system: ABB, ComAP, FVB
Max speed: 80 kmh